Airborne's Digital Webinar

Digital Automated Laminating Cell Demonstration

How does it work?

Create a shape that will be produced on our Automated Laminating Cell live during the webinar. Simply click and join points together on the grid. You are only able to select points in the blue fields to make sure your shape can be manufactured. If a square turns red, you cannot choose it. When your masterpiece is complete, simply fill in your details and hit send!



Optionally, enter your details below before submitting your design for manufacture at Airborne's hi-tech digital factory in The Hague.

I consent to providing these details so that Airborne can contact me by means of a personalised follow up email following the webinar. For more information on how we use and handle your personal data, see our privacy policy

What happens next?

You will be able to see your design during the webinar as it is laid up, cut and picked using different end effectors of our Automated Laminating Cell, just as it would happen during a production run. We will share the results report showing the performance of the job once it is complete.

Like to know even more?

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